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My Apple Juice

I close my eyes, my lunar eclipse;

Imagination wild, I’m kissing her lips;

She’s digging my style, and grabbing my tip;

We’ll be here a while, I’m getting a little stiff;

My hands grab her neck and thrusting her closer;

Body heat is steaming, we’re inside this toaster;

We started and can’t stop until the night is over;

A story book ending that has no closure;

She kneels down before me, and bows to the king;

Her face engulfing the swell of my being;

I’m breathing harder, her neck like a spring;

I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing;

I pull her up so we’re eye to eye;

I grab her knees and lift up her thigh;

Laid her flat on her back as she lets out a sigh;

My face going down, where the rivers are plenty;

I’m drinking her water, till the river is empty;

I’m sucking her harder; she goes into a frenzy;

I’m raiding this larder, she screams like a banshee;

She is ready to have me;

Hands reaching forward, I’m grabbing her breast;

I’m licking the peeks of her mountainous chest;

My steel beam goes into her welcoming nest;

I’m grinding my hips, my love is expressed;

With the earthquake inside of her watery cleft;

Nothing is standing I’m all that’s left;

I’m stroking it harder, she can no longer suppress;

Her tidal wave comes, and I have no life vest;

She leans me up, and to my surprise;

She goes back downtown on my high rise;

She’s bobbing for apples, and I tell you the truth;

After 30 seconds a gave her apple juice.

Carlos “Prince of Poetry” Ramirez




Verba Veritatis

Sometimes when a relationship feels like it is starting to come to a close we tend to want to hold on more. Who wouldn’t, you become comfortable, and letting go means having to change, and change is always hard. Memories, love, time, it all seems to start slipping away. It is in these moments our emotional survival instincts and tactics are taken to a new and sometimes crazed level. We must remember that when the wheels start to fall off it doesn’t mean we run off the road to get back on track. Stay poised be yourself and if it still derails then move forward. Crazy attempts to keep him/her around will only make a bad situation that much worse and the last thing you want is to give a good reason for your mate to end it on their terms. Ladies if you know you’re not pregnant do not tell a man that you think you are. Fellas if she is going to leave, faking a serious illness only complicates the already fragile relationship. We must remember to never change our core values to save any relationship. Be yourself, and be strong. There is a difference between fighting for a relationship. Fighting for a relationship is an internal struggle to the benefit of not just the relationship but the family. An example would be trying to stop drinking, or doing drugs. I firmly believe it is ok to fight for your relationship, fighting however involves truth, not lies and deceit

 Carlos "Prince of Poetry" Ramirez    © 2013


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