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Truer Word For Sorry

In the beginning was the word but my words were not Genesis;

A foundation thought of brick ended up being detritus;

Not worthy of your love not worthy of your elegance;

I have a strong case for love that is strongly lacking evidence;

The road seemed straight but straight to a precipice;

Never asking for forgiveness just another introduction;

Never wanting to relive it just to end the corruption;

For this half full heart I give it so that with yours it can junction;

For without the other half of me my heart will never function;

You hurt because of me but you never hurt alone;

For everything I reap is a seed that I sowed;

And every tear I shed is a debt to you that’s owed;

You make me cry those happy tears when I think of you;

If there was a deeper word for love;

If there were a truer word for sorry;

If there was a better question to ask than, still in love are we?

Yet with every day that keeps accruing;

This love I am renewed in; a relation worth redoing;

No more tears, no more cooing;

No more heart abusing;

No more threats of us loosing;

Looking forward, forward viewing;

Don’t go away heaven forbid me;

Asking what beats to please forgive me. Carlos “Prince of Poetry” Ramirez




Verba Veritatis


Sometimes when a relationship feels like it is starting to come to a close we tend to want to hold on more. Who wouldn’t, you become comfortable, and letting go means having to change, and change is always hard. Memories, love, time, it all seems to start slipping away. It is in these moments our emotional survival instincts and tactics are taken to a new and sometimes crazed level. We must that when the wheels start to fall off it doesn’t mean we run off the road to get back on track. Stay poised be yourself and if it still derails then move forward. Crazy attempts to keep him/her around will only make a bad situation that much worse and the last thing you want is to give a good reason for your mate to end it on their terms. Ladies if you know you’re not pregnant do not tell a man that you think you are. Fellas if she is going to leave, faking a serious illness only complicates the already fragile relationship. We must remember to never change our core values to save any relationship. Be yourself, and be strong. There is a difference between fighting for a relationship. Fighting for a relationship is an internal struggle to the benefit of not just the relationship but the family. An example would be trying to stop drinking, or doing drugs. I firmly believe it is ok to fight for your relationship, fighting however involves truth, not lies and deceit

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