Prince of Poetry


Solar Love


Bring me to the stars daringly

Lust upon their aura glaringly

Feeding my inner soul with clarity

Solar love unbound with rarity


Aura fades away erosion

Sucked in the black hole of devotion

Screaming for a higher notion

Time has stopped there is no motion

Floating through a vast black ocean


Reach for mars but touch the ground

Faster than the speed of sound

A lifeless heart now starts to pound

An unfamiliar world surrounds

Jennifer Booth © 2012

 By Don Simmons on September 30, 2010 at 12:09 pm


A Poem For The Erudite 

A poem for the erudite, it sure will be hot 

Take the time out to listen, rubbish it's not  

Straight from the life of a perspicacious young man  

Try and comprehend it, I sure hope you can 

There's a lot I can tell you, but I'll make it laconic... 

Words to astound, it works like a tonic 

But, it all isn't good, I'm sure you'll agree


I robbed to support crack, went on a spree 

Nonetheless, I must tell you about erstwhile things 

About cause and "affect" and what it all brings 

It started with punishment, and led to abuse 

Stomped, punched, and kicked like a piece of refuse 

That was at home, a total nightmare 

Told my story to many/few seemed to care 

Yet, at school it was different, totally contraire 

There were many happy times, but in all they were rare 

Still, to escape from my father - a partial reprieve 

An escape so traumatic you can hardly conceive 

Fascinated by study, entwined in my thought 

Trying to achieve/ knowledge I sought  

Then came junior high school, another hill to climb

Still being etched deep in my mind 

Then came the reefer, then came the coke

Life became heavy, like being grasped with a choke 

Playing hooky from school to hang on the "Deuce

Leaving sadness behind/youth on the loose 

Coming home at all hours, high on the drugs

Fending off admonishment...not verbally with shrugs 

Now, we come to the part of my crack addiction

On a mission to Scotty...incarceration/great friction 

On a mission five years, retaining intelligent potential

Well, I couldn't lose everything/the mind is essential 

But, through all this in jail, you can't know my chagrin

For nothing egregious, no unredeemable sin 

Still, remember I told you about cause and "affect"?

Recalled in my poem, I helped you reflect  

Being abused was profound, a real heartache

There's been many times I life I would take 

But, instead I turned to crack, searching in vain

I know to crack you say, how gravely inane! 

Yet, there's a moral to this story/my life in review 

I was abused and kicked crack...and you can kick too!


by Aneesa Jacobs on Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 1:57am


Love was not what it seemed

you lied to me and cheat

i gave you everything

i even let you in

after i locked my heart oh so tight

not wanting love within my life

but i trusted you with all i had

why did you have to go and treat me bad

you made me sad,

you left me with pain

i found myself in an empty space

drowning my sorrow

left in the dark, hoping someday

you'll come along,

but i was wrong you've moved on

you couldn't care less

about me, hurting deep

i weep and weep,

tears stream and stream

how could you love me and just leave

after you promise you'd never leave

saying we'll live happy ever after

like i always dreamed, but your words

was fake, tormented with hate

now i'm filled with rage

and there's no escape

this pain i can't erase..

 Long time Love,

I couldn't see you standing there, I couldn't see you even though you were there, in front of me, beside me for so many years.

I was blinded love, my mind lied to me about the way I thought you should be.

Your words and your touch or your time wasn't always kind. You were weak and so was I. Young, dumb and couldn't see eye to eye.

Love, love, long time love.

I built a wall strong and tall, pushed you away, hurt and afraid and couldn't let you back in.

So many walls and so much time separated in our heart and mind.. One! we were supposed to be one!

Love, long time love. My mind was in shambles, confused and dismantled, couldn't think straight anymore. There was a cloud surrounding me, as the mist cleared and I could finally see, my heart in between steered away from you, thinking it belonged to another..

DAMAGED! I was damaged. Turning it around and breaking you down, not what I wanted to do...

Time has past and God is healing, healing you and me..

Love, long time love, I'm letting my walls down, I'm letting them fall and crash to the ground, the bombs are going off.. Can you see it? can you hear it? my heart is open, my mind clear, no more hurt, anger or fear.. Just me loving you, all of you, my love, true love, my long time love. :-)

Written by me Atiyah Vasquez AkA Tee Tee

copyright 2011



by Nakshatra Singh on Saturday, November 12, 2011 at 12:24am


Just beyond the endless shores of horizon,

The sun had sunk in the fathomless lake,

Leaving behind aura of orange glow and ripples of life.

Sky filled with chirping birds,

Land trodden under running hooves,

After a long day, life was hurrying to rest.

In the night will come her beloved,

To keep a promise made,

To open his heart, to open his arms,

When every door would be closed.

Before long, the moon appeared to ascend.

Walking on the ladder of time and glorious shine,

It soon took the reins of night kingdom.

On the melody of swaying trees,

Crickets sang the songs of night.

Amid occasional dog howls,

Amid occasional snatches and screams,

Moon shone in its glory.

Night was slowly growing old,

The once ascend was now a descend,

The world will soon see new world,

New reign and new ruler,

Kingdom of day will come with the sun.

Under the vast shiny roof,

Near the edge of long colonnade of tall trees,

Facing the descending moon,

Facing every shadow it made,

There stood her small house.

In the open window,

In the flickering candle light,

Draped in swaying curls of long hair,

Filled with wilting hope in the heart,

Looking in to the depth of the colonnade,

Stood still the lean silhouette.

Before the candle dies out,

Before the sun rises afresh,

Before the fresh ripples of life,

Before the flower of hope wilted out,

To keep a promise made,

Perhaps he will come.

By – Nakshatra singh

PS : I dedicate this poem to THE PINK.