Prince of Poetry


 People look at you from the outside and assume they know everything about you. The key word is they assume. What they don't realize is that when you make any judgment without knowing all the facts that makes you ignorant. The same can be said when you assume you know everything about someone you actually don't. An incident a moment or one decision does not define an entire character. We are so quick to judge others yet we hate to be judged by others. One moment of weakness does not make a person crazy, one bad thought does not make a person evil, one lapse in judgment does not make a person stupid. Get to know someone before you judge them, or don't judge. Also another persons opinion about an individual shouldn't be factored into your decision to be someone’s friend or in a relationship with someone. You are an individual and your experience with someone may be different

It seems like some people are drawn to the things that hurt them the most. Nobody wants a bad or abusive guy in a relationship, but people go back to the behavior that they are familiar with. Then the assumption becomes all women or men are the same. When the truth is we are all different, but you are the same. If you find yourself with the same type of person over and over again, then you have to change. Set goals and follow them through, better yourself. We cannot expect different results with more of the same....

We search for happiness, we search for love, we search for the one that will improve us spiritually, mentally and physically. We search for our soul mate. But are we ready? Sometimes we must take a good long stare in the mirror and know ourselves. We must be in a place where our baggage will no longer weigh on others if we are to find that special one. If you are holding on to luggage, that you do not need to carry let it go. Use it as a learning tool, but let it go. You will be amazed at the difference a clear head and heart will make at the start of a relationship. Never put what burdens you onto someone else. Some of us are looking for mr or mrs right. But you will never find him/her until the time is right. Until we ourselves are right...

Endurance. It is the test of how long your relationship can last. Through good and bad times will they be there. When all your chips are down will that person be the one that stands by your side, that will take care of you. Through distance and time, through rumors and heartache. If your love endures then what you have is something special. If your love is one that is off and on. If they want to quit on you at the first sign of trouble and stress, you may want to re-think your relationship. I know that through it all, come what may she will be there for me, and I for her, In sickness and in health whether rich or poor. And it is because I don't have a reason to love her, I don't love her because of anything, I just do. When some one says I love you because of your hair or your smile, you must ask, well what if that goes away? I love her for no reason at all ("5104").

Sometimes we should take a step back in order to move forward. When we realize we are moving too fast in a relationship, it is better to pump the breaks than to continue on the path. When we rush we miss things, things that we normally wouldn't had we taken the time to notice them. It maybe a slight anger rant, that may end up being an annoying if not abusive pattern later. Maybe it's the small white lie we overlooked because the loving was just what you needed. Either way slower is always better in a relationship. I always tell myself you have nothing to lose by slowing things down. If they stick around they know you're worth the wait, if they don't then you know exactly what you mean to that person.

A guy who lets others disrespect their mate, is not a man in my opinion. Part of the inherited responsibility of being a man is to protect. There is no way I would stand idol and watch my wife or girlfriend be taken advantage of, yelled at or put down and not respond as a man. If you love someone with all your heart, and someone does that to her, and it doesn't send a rush of adrenaline pumping through you to take action in defense of the person you claim to be the love of your life, your soul mate, your significant other, then you have lost the respect of being considered a real man. However, women should not put themselves intentionally in the midst of controversy simply on the basis that their man will defend them. The notion that you can say and do as you please because you know your man will step in, is just as bad. A real man will be there for you in your time of need, but do not abuse it.

A relationship should never have you lose your sight on your own personal goals. If there are things in life you are pushing for, don't stop. Don't push your dreams to the side for a relationship. Your relationship should be included and should work around what you want and need to do. I always say that your mate should fit you and your life. Understand relationships can be a compromise, however, what should not be compromised is your goals. If you do you may end up regretting it, and even regretting your relationship....Just a Thought.

Love an respect go hand in hand. If a man loves you he will never disrespect you. But, you have to have enough respect for yourself to recognize when you are being disrespected. It is in a man's instinct to protect and provide. Not to hurt and degrade. Love is powerful, so powerful in fact that it can blind you from your own logic. If you are receiving more hurt and pain than you are love and affection it's time to evaluate your situation. True love never hurts. Recognize that to tolerate disrespect is a choice, and you can choose to make it stop anytime you want. No more stepping back, let's march on!!!!!

Breakups are usually followed by emotional distress and depression. This can lead to poor decision making when it comes to your next relationship move. That’s why your next attempt at a relationship after a breakup is usually called a rebound. An attempt to see if "you still got it". This is a period in your life where you should ease back. Take time off from any kind of relation and refocus. Grieve your loss in your old relationship. When you can think about your past as a learning curve and not have it become an emotional hindrance, you maybe ready for another relationship. Give yourself time to heal, and your next relationship will have a better chance of survival.

They say behind every great man is a great woman. A woman’s strength can keep a man poised when his mind is distraught, solid when decisions are shaky, sane when matters are too stressful, and balanced when it gets to be too much. I will always be thankful, for when times are down you lift me up. To all ladies who support there man.....Thank You

If you are in a long distance relationship communication is the most important bond between you. It must replace the physicality of the relationship which makes it ever more important. Both parties must understand this. where there is no communication, there comes questions, where there are questions, there come doubts, where there are doubts there come the cracks in trust, and this will form the downward spiral of a relationship. Communication is a two way street. In a society where there are more ways to communicate than ever there are fewer excuses for the lack of it. If you are unable to talk, say so, it takes 2 seconds to text, email or call someone. Distance is a constant battle to reinforce love, and can make or break a relationship. Do not let distance kill your relationship. Keep your memories alive and return to each other. It's never easy, for anyone. So keep open, keep honest, and stay positive.

On our quest to find love we can sometimes lose ourselves with impatience. When love takes too long we start to settle for what ever comes our way, and substitute what we find to fill that emptiness inside. Love is patient, and we should learn this. We should never settle for the first sign of attention we receive. Settling only means getting hurt in the end. Hold fast, focus on you, focus on making yourself better, love will find you. When it does you will know it, because there will be no settling there will be only purity. It's is only when you are complete yourself that you can find someone that completes you. Be safe on your journey...

Wrong is not done to anyone without it comming back to haunt the person. However Karma cannot take hold until you let it go. Malice and revenge benefits no one. Clear your heart of all ill will and know and understand that every action has a reaction. If wrong is done to you, learn from it, and move on. Holding things in your heart will only hurt you in the long run. Release it, and in time you will see that you will be better off, and that payback comes hard. It's the way the universe operates. Let it go, and watch the results...
What do you do when you love someone enough to always be there for them and yet they treat you like you are not a factor in their life? What do you do when someone who claims they love you, easily dismisses you? What you do is read between the lines. In certain ways you will have to walk away. As hard as it is and as hurtful as it can be it's better to walk away. If the result remains that you are... consistantly being hurt even when you are trying to be there for someone you must get to a point where enough is enough. Respect and love yourself enough to know that you are not anyones doormat, to be used when problems arise and tossed away when the storm calms. You are better than that, you are more than that Love yourself enough to walk away...
It is our instinct sometimes to protect the ones we love, no matter what. Even if it's from ourselves. If we do something that may hurt our loved ones some of us instictivly lie about it. Not with the intetion of doing harm but protecting. However, a lie is a lie is a lie. It will bring forth negative results. No matter the intention a lie will hurt eventually, most times worse than if you told th...e truth. So if lying is your protective mechanism then think twice, it maybe better to just tell the truth. Some of us think that people lie out of spite or malice, in my opinion this is not the case. Most people lie to defend or protect. A cheater will lie to protect the woman he really loves from hurt. However twisted the philosephy the lie isn't intended to destroy you. It is still wrong. Why- because a lie is a story, it is fake. If you lie and keep lying the truth about you slowly chips away until all you are is fake...everything about you. Remember you are your words, and your words define you. To a liar the worse thing you can do is not believe them. So if you have been lied to, don't take it to heart. I hope this helped someone....
To the love of my life you know who you are: Sitting here by my window staring at the rain. Wondering with every drop when I will see you next. Between six and seven o'clock in the morning I counted the beats of my heart, it was 5104. With every beat I had a vision of your face, you are my world. This morning the rain was outside but my eyes were brought to tears in here, thinking about how much y...ou mean to me. What is this feeling, that makes me so humble, so vulnerable around you like a child looking for mothers milk. I don't just want you, I need you. 5104 in one hour, that is the amount of times my body said I love you. Because my heart beats for you. Baby, this isn't a poem this is the truth, and I write this with tears in my eyes knowing that few people experience this. Most live and die and never feel this. I am in love with you... Forever and always, and always my love eternal. 5104, My heart belongs to you. I love you. ♥ ♥ ♥


They say age is nothing but a number, and there has never been a more true statement. Age has nothing to do with a persons maturity level. If you are dating someone younger, do not be turned away by age alone. I have seen older men and women have less maturity than a 5 year old, but I have also seen younger men and women who have experienced life and are very mature for their age. Everyone deserves a chance, don't write someone off because of age, Find the person behind the number, you never know what form love comes in...


Negative energy can start to become a burden. If someone brings this energy to you it may be time to consider the posibility that the friendship or relationship needs to end. Ususlly people with this type of energy won't consider the fact that you're going through things, and your mood coupled with this energy is never a good combination.


Often times when you have close friends you come to the cross roads when your friend is in a relationship. As a close friend everything in you wants protect them. However protection doesn't mean involvement. There is a reason you are a FRIEND. Be supportive, be there, but do not get deeply involved, unless the relationship becomes hostile and dangerous. Love comes in forms...7 to be exact, so remember your love is different from their love and for good reason. Your involvement will fuzz the line and will result in either one of the relationships failing. Sometimes the best teacher is life experience... just a thought


AHHH the begining. A fresh relationship can be exciting and fun. Learning each other, caring for each other, doing the little things that make all the difference...The goal is to keep at it. Remind each other why you fell in love in the first place. The spark fizzles and every now and then you have to light it again. Don't let the romance die as the relationship grows. Remember the begining, and show her that it's only the begining...


Why do we fall for the same type of people, and wonder why the results are the same? If you start to notice the signs of a repeat performance, don't stick around for the ending. First you must understand what you're worth. Then you won't settle for the same type of person. To change your outcome you must change your output. For example if I'm always depressed, then I shouldn't be surprised if I attract people with emotional issues. Now what would happen if I become determined, and goal oriented, and positive. Start the change today, and watch the difference...


When she comes to you with a problem and it seems like everything you say makes the situation worse, it's usually because she just wants you to listen to her. We are so used to solving the puzzle and fixing the issue we forget that sometimes the solution is to just be quiet and listen and understand. Women are stronger than we think they are and most of the time if not all of the time can hold their own as well, or better than us. However there are times when all thats needed is the soft touch of the one they love and for you to look at them and say, "I understand, I'm listening, and when you need me, I will be here....."


It's easy to walk out of a relationship. It's easy to make a commitment and then abandon everything. It takes courage to stick through the tough times and work your relationtionship. If s/he is not worth fighting for then where was the love in the first place. It was either premature or misguided. See, commitment tells me that though times are tough I will stand beside you, good, bad and indifferent, I am here. So if s/he gave up on you, don't waste a single tear drop...odds are their heart wasn't in the right place to begin with...odds are, you probably have been done a favor. And odds are you will be better off sooner than you realize

Never give up on a good thing for the possibility of something better if your with someone who is good to you and loves you work on it. Commitment is more than just a feeling of love. Its a bond that says whether I love u or hate u, I'm there rich or poor I'm there distance and time I'm there. That's more than love. Its a pact a bond a commitment most important its your word. Love will grow with strong faith and commitment on both ends. Without this you leave room for doubt and pain.



If eyes are the window to the soul then your mouth must be the door to your heart. Speak your feelings and your desires to your mate. Open your mouth and let your heart out. Communication is key.




What is love without intimacy. Intimacy is the voice of love. It is the expression of love in physical form. Is it possible to have one without the other? Is it possible to have a healthy relation ship without Intimacy? If your intimacy is lacking maybe it's time to reevaluate your relationship, or at least discuss how to improve this vital part of love.




Never regret your decisions. They make you who you are today. Learn from them. It is in learning from our mistakes that we grow, we become stronger, and in that strength we conquer and overcome. It is in our mistakes that we gain knowledge, that can be passed on. It should only be regret if you never learn from it.




Life is too short to worry about small stuff. Things that in the end will be meaningless. Spend your time loving and in the end you can never regret your life. Don't let it be too late before you realize what's really important to us as humans. Love and the people our love affects. Regain your focus.










If you get with someone without the intent to have a long term relationship you are in all respects playing with someone else’s husband or wife



Its true. Anything can happen. And anything will happen. But the future is dependant on two things circumstances and decisions. And while you cannot always control circumstances, u can always control your decisions. Its those decisions that define who you are and what path your future takes.





Give your relationship 100 percent. And if things go wrong you'll know for sure it wasn't you. Give it your all.















what does it say about us when we assume before we gather facts. When we decide before we discuss. When we write things before we analyze. How can someone be with a person when they always feel they are on defense











Unconditional love is a rare gift and is usually taken for granted. Unconditional love means there is nothing that person or anyone else can do to make you not love them. Absolutely nothing. Many people believe this kind of love is stupid and regarded as ignorant. Maybe those people are right. Personally I think its a gift. And can be a wonderful thing as long as the person receiving it understands its rarity and knows that with unconditional love comes love in its truest form. What do you think?




Trust and love go hand in hand. Some people try to go on in their relationship with just one or the other and it never works. If you don't trust him then regardless of the love there is no relationship. You can't continue to love someone you don't trust. But of course its up to you the individual. Your peace of mind and sanity can be at stake.








The true test of love is distance and time. Its easy to love when you are always around your mate. But what happens when that love, that fulfillment and emotion is temporarily absent. This is where you find out the difference between love and infatuation











Everything happens for a reason. When a door closes its so a bigger better one can open for you. And as long as your still alive bigger doors will open. If you think about it, a year ago today you would have never thought things would happen to lead you here. And a year from now you will be in a better brighter place. Start taking steps toward a better next year today.







Some people search for happiness in others before finding it in and with themselves. This is impossible. And your relationship will be cracked at the foundation. When u find happiness in others you become dependent on them for your joy. When that relationship fails you become miserable because your joy is gone. Enjoy you. Then share that joy.








Single mothers take on a responsibility like never before seen. Their burden is one of constant struggle, while still holding together what used to be a mans role, protector provider and home standard. We never give you enough credit, this is a small token from me to you: On behalf of men everywhere who fell on the wayside and left you to bare the brunt of what used to be "the American family" I say THANK YOU





When a bird is pushed out the nest they learn to fly. When a cub goes hungry it learns to hunt. When a puppy feels threatened it learns to bark and bite. So why is it when things are harmful to and for us, we ignore our natural instincts. We are the only species that does this. Follow your gut, when you follow your heart it will blind you.









"Never let them see you sweat". Don't give anyone the power of knowing they can influence you or your day. You can only be affected by what you let affect you














It is in your darkest hour and your lowest point, where you find out your inner strength. It's easy to be strong and confident when your on top. If you're at your bottom, keep fighting, don't quit.













Your day begins in your mind, so if your having a bad day, change the energy you're putting out, and watch the difference in the energy you receive!!














It is easy to loose your true self in your own delusion. In selfish delusion you create a false reality bubble, and when it finally pops, you'll find that the ones you hurt are really the ones you care about and love. Its not worth it.....













Gentlemen, remember when we opened car doors for women to get in. There was a time when such manners were expected. A woman still appreciates this, traits like these never get old. A woman, despite the changing times, still wants to be treated as the lady that she is.
Giving a person things they desire is not the same as giving love and offering yourself. The object that you give must be a representation of the love embeded in your heart for the two of you. Not used as a tool for forgiveness, or an excuse for actions of betrayal. Thats the difference between a gift and a present. A present is just that, a presentation or a show, a facade. A gift however, is of the heart. ♥
A promise is a promise. When someone makes a promise and breaks it, it lowers the value of their word. After a while their words become worthless. With every break their is less and less trust. No one wants to be with a person who doesn't put stock in their own words. Breaking a promise is worse than a lie for the fact that a promise puts more emphasis on the trust that your actions are something ...they can count on. Promise is not just a saying. When you promise make sure you follow through no matter the cost. You can lose everything, you can be hurt and you can end up with absolutly nothing, but the one thing you have control over is your word. Give your words meaning with action. After all your word is your bond...
Why do we ignore the first signs of crazy. Usually we are caught by surprise when s/he does something destructive towards you. However most times these situations are actually avoidable if we pay attention to our potential mates when we court. The little white lie you overlooked, the agressive tone used in small situations, procrastination with excuses, and many more. Our hearts blind us to the re...alities, but if we take our emotions out of it and look at the persons actions objectively it might tell a different story. Never toss away the small things in the begining, and follow your gut. There are signs of an abusive mate before they became your mate, there are signs of a liar or a cheater before you get involved. Pay attention to the signs. Avoid the heartache and pain you may recieve later. Create standards for yourself and stick to them. We may never find perfection, but we will find a match.


Love is not something that is forced. Theres a difference between trying to win a his/her heart, and forcing something that isn't there to begin with. The more you try to force the hand of love the worse the situation gets. You are better than the affection of just one individual and this is something you must see in yourself. If a person cannot see that you are right for them or them for you, pressure will not help. Leave them with space to decide for themselves and if the decision is not in your favor, lets keep moving forward. Lets keep moving forward with our heads up so we can see the path ahead. Truth is you will be better off in a relationship that begins with mutual respect and attraction, than you will starting one with onesided love and affection...just my thought.


When it rains it pours. Many times it seems like it's just one thing after the other. Small things that add up to create one giant problem. Stress level increases, and you feel like no one understands your situation, for that matter it seems like no one cares. What do we do? It's time to refocus. Small problems become big problems because we look at them as a giant issue, when the majority of it is actually small issues wrapped up together. What we should do is separate them. Write each issue down and separate them. Then divide them into immediate issues and not so urgent. Then we take it one situation at a time. This added stress is no good for you or your partner. This is also a time, however for your partner to be that rock you need him/her to be as you tackle these issues one by one. Remember one situation at a time. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. When you open your eyes again, it's a new day

In a relationship your self esteem can be affected by the person you are with. When you love someone their opinion of you counts for more of your view of yourself than we sometimes realize. We try to adjust ourselves, our bodies and our personalities to please the ones we love. However, it is one thing to accommodate your lover and quite another to change who you are. We should be at a point where someone must, must accept us for who and what we are, or everything from that point forward will be a facade. That means they don't accept you, they accept what they made you. If I like plaid shirts from Dick's outdoors dept. store, do not try to make me into a man that must learn to love a Versace suit. Love his plaid, love her quirky laugh or annoying voice. If not then leave and leave early. It's those little things that cause issues later on. No one is perfect, and although we may strive to be, we are human. I will love my girl for all her flaws and imperfections, because that is what makes her. I will love those things just as much as I love her for others. It is our imperfections that make us unique. It's your lazy eye, or your stretch mark, it's your mole or your scar that make you unique. And if someone cannot appriciate those things how can they appreciate what you have on the inside. Let's not deal with shallow people anymore. We are better than that

Many women want the perfect man, and in searching for the perfect man bypass a good man. There is a difference. A perfect man doesn't exist. What a perfect man is, is an idea. It should be a guideline for what you want and desire, but understand that because a man isn't perfect doesn't mean he's flawed. Use your perfect man idea to find your good man, and when you find him do not try to make him perfect. Even though he may not be your perfect man, he maybe your perfect fit and just what you need. Love doesn't mean perfection, it means acceptance... just my opinion

If someone abuses you and apologizes about it later, lets not stick around for a second time. See it maybe the last time it happens, they may even be very sorry, and it is possible that they may even love you. It is also very possible that this will occur again. Don't play roulette with your life. It's not worth it whether you love them or not. You must know that you are worth more than that and that there will be someone there for you who will not take advantage of you. Do not be afraid of being alone. Sometimes knowing yourself may take being by yourself. Remember interdependence does not mean total dependence. Know yourself, know your worth and lets make a difference this year...

When you are in a relationship the unspoken rule is that you two are exclusive to each other. We agree that our mates will be our lover and best friend. It is a committed priority shift. Some of us don't understand that entering a relationship is a priority shift. To me that means hanging out with the boys when my girlfriend wants to go out to the movies is a big no no. If my priorities cannot change then I should not take the responsibility of entering a relationship. This doesn't mean I will never hang out with the boys or that she will never hang out either. All it means is that when it comes to spending time together, hanging out with others should not even be an option. Quality time is essential in the development of your relationship. The more you get to know your partner the less likely you are to be surprised by the things they do...Just a thought.

When your heart is dedicated to something, losing it can be devastating. Normally it throws us into a depressive state, and we tend to be more guarded. It is ok to grieve, however when we begin to live in grief, the grief becomes a part of our personality. Accepting what has been as a lesson and moving forward is hard. No one is saying you shouldn't hurt, but use that energy that causes you pain as a guidance tool. Now you understand what you don't want in a relationship, lets now find what you need. Let your past build you not break you. You are still here, you are still standing and you are better and stronger for it. Use your past as a guide not an excuse, lets get motivated!!!!

If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. Some people can say the most mean things to the ones they love. However when the tables are turned they cannot handle someone being brash and forward with them. We all learn the golden rule, so if you are someone who cannot deal with differing personalities, then don't. This is 2012 so let's kick it off right. Here's the truth, if you speak with little sensitivity to others feelings don't be surprised if others treat you the same way, bottom line. If you don't bite your tounge why should others. Also if you don't like what someone has to say tune to another station. Life is to short to harp on the little things.

Love is one of the most powerful forces that the universe has given to us. When someone loves us, truely loves us, we must be very very careful with their heart. Your words, your actions can make or break that person. It is an honor that someone can love you. So when someone gives you their heart no matter your feelings it becomes dangerous to dismiss it. Love is a driving forces of nature, powerful enough to make us throw away logic, and understanding in its persuit. To dismiss or disregard something or mistreat something that strong, will reflect negatively. Until it is made right. Be careful with someones heart...
"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself." (Galileo).
I think that our mere existance revolves around learning. We are all inocent and void of knowledge at birth. Everything we know after that is learned. Our behavior, education, opinions, even love is learned. For when we stop learning we cease to evolve as a species. In essence everything we know and are i...s taught. Whether by teachers or Parents or friends or experience, something or someone teaches us. So we are learners and in learning we become teachers. So in this instance I would have to say I disagree with the great Galileo. For you can teach men anything and it is in the teaching and knowledge that we find it within ourselves.....Carlos"Prince of Poetry" Ramirez
An apology is only as good as your ability to change. At the base of an apology is sentiment and recognition. After all if you don't realize you have done wrong then there is no reason to apologize. But if you apologize then you realize that you have done wrong. It's a start. However, an apology is like court, you can say someone is guilty, but without proof there is no conviction. In the same res...pect you can say you're sorry and recognize wrong, but without proof of it without the ability to change then all it means is that you understood the wrong doing and you don't care enough to change, which means you will repeat it. So are you really sorry? I believe anyone is capable of change. We are the most adaptable creatures on earth. Give words meaning, if you are sorry don't just say it, don't become an empty vessel of words...Show it.


Falling in love is easy, staying in love, building from love, committing, that's the hard part. Your relationship is only as good as you and your partners ability to endure. It's never easy, and no one said it would be. The question is, when you go through tough times,would you want to go through them with anyone else? If your answer is no, then never give up. We are creatures of change so with love, being steadfast and loyal is the biggest commitment and proof of affection. If you are stronger together than you are apart, then it's worth the fight.


Completely letting go is the hardest part of moving forward, but it is necessary. The past can bind you if you continue to live in it. Yet the past can push you if you learn from it. The wonderful part of someone breaking your heart and you learning from it, is that it can only happen to you once. Noone else will ever beable to do that to you again. You will grow from it. But to grow you must let go. The past is the past for a reason, let karma run it's course, you will be in a better place for it. Be humble, stay positive, stay motivated, easier times are ahead...


Sometimes we say things that may pinch a nerve. The key is knowing when to shut up and when to realize you stepped out of line. When we know our mate it is easy to tell when this occurs. Look for differences in his/her reaction to you. A good mood that immediately shifts doesn't really have to be a mood swing, maybe you crossed a line. If you do, don't be defensive about it. This is one of those times we need to suck it up, and just say " I was wrong I shouldn't have said that." Don't blame the alcohol and don't find an easy way out, it makes it worse. Forgiveness comes quicker with admission...Just a thought.


Nothing pains me more than a man who abandons the responsibility of fatherhood. You must understand that your relationship with your child should not be dictated by the relationship with the mother. It seems simple to turn and walk away now, however the measure of karma comes not when the child is young but once they and you are older. When you realize you messed up really bad by not participating and being there. The catch is, by the time you realize it, when you're old and grey and you start to think about your will be too late.


What makes a whisper so loud is time.Over time if you keep hearing a whisper it rings loud into your subconscious. The constant whispers over time will eat away at your mate. When S/he snaps it should be no surprise. Whether intentional or not sly remarks and degrading comments after time can affect the bond between you. Open conversations are the best policy.


302 small block v8 5.0 engine roaring in a brand new mustang. 3,600 curb weight, redlining at 7,000 rpm. 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, 400 horsepower at 6600 rpm. I love this car...It's amazing how we can know all of these things about something we love. Even get excited about it. However something as simple as a birthday or an anniversary, can slip our mind when it comes to the person we love. Lets get our priorities together. Because just like a Mustang, if we don't care for our relationship, it will start to fall apart, from bumper to bumper...


The 4 main killers of a relationship are money, communication, distance and abuse. Abuse should never be tolerated under any situation no matter what. If you cannot hold on to your love for someone through distance then there wasn't much love there. Communication can be worked on but must be a joint effort. Money and communication go hand in hand. Be open and honest and you will have better success as far as finances. Lets keep our eyes open for the signs of these killers and resolve them early or make a decision to let it go...


if the person you are with is not 100% of what you want, yet s/he is 90%, why cheat on him/her, trying to fill a 10% defecit with a person thats 40% of what you want. Now I'm no mathmatics major, but this doesn't make sense. Work the kinks out. If you keep searching for greener grass you may wind up in the desert. I may be old school, but to me loyalty in love still stands for something...just a thought.

Once in a blue someone comes along that makes you feel like nothing else matters. They motivate you to do and be better than you are. You look in their eyes and you know, you just know, that everything you've done, everything you've been through and all that you've seen has led you to this moment, this time. And if anything was different any single thing you would not be here with him/her. When you find this, don't let it go. Too many times we let the right person slip through our fingers for the wrong reasons. Be cautious we must. But not to the point where we hinder our future happiness. Never let your bagage be your burden. Be safe, but also be open. You deserve to be loved....

A discussion is both parties actively seeking a solution to a problem using compromise. An argument leaves no results. Listen, digest for a moment then speak. If the both of you listen and discuss, instead of just trying to get your own point across, decision making will be more effective. This doesn't mean one side always getting their way. Sometimes it involves doing what you don't want ,for the sake of love.



It takes more than just” bringing home the bacon" to be considered a good husband or mate. Relationships should be based on more than just the ability to provide and protect, but also to build, sustain, nurture and participate and to love. No one said it's easy, but it should proudly be considered our manly duty. In return we gain the respect some of us crave so much from our counterparts.






If you enter a relationship expecting to change the individual you are with, then you never excepted who they were in the first place.....just a thought.














They say behind every great man is a great woman. A woman’s strength can keep a man poised when his mind is distraught, solid when decisions are shaky, sane when matters are too stressful, and balanced when it gets to be too much. I will always be thankful, for when times are down you lift me up. To all ladies who support there man.....Thank You








Once you have children, I believe it becomes a complete priority shift. If I were having a child I would have to make sacrifices in my career goals to adjust. Why? because I am no longer living for me, but for my child. Some people need to see the big picture. Some people forget that it is a sacrifice sometimes to raise a family. But it is well worth it. Would you agree?








We all know that when we seek after something over a period of time we will find it. So if you're constantly skeptical and seeking something wrong in the relationship, why be surprised when you find it. Sometimes your skepticism can create a situation that was not even originally there










It is impossible to be 100% of everything to your mate. And if you try to be you will fall short. Just be who you are, love is about tolerance and acceptance. If you can't tolerate or accept his 80% then you truly don't love him. And if your mate is 10% and you accept him...well at that point you're selling yourself short.









Listen...listening to him or her, is crucial. expression should never be one way. Respect her opinion even if you disagree, it will lead to a mutual respect and eventually understanding...













you are a combination of every relationship you have ever been in. Each partner you have changes you either for good or for bad. If you were a loving person in one relationship and enter a relationship with someone who is conceited, it won't be long before your personality is affected. Be careful who you let into your life.









so many times we walk forward looking straight or I looked up for the first time in a while and realized compared to the universe how small we and our problems are. Stop one day and just look in the sky and appreciate life











When two people together have the capability to be happy and create better possibilities than they do apart, it sets the stage for ultimate completeness. completeness, wholeness doesn't come alone. Love and partnership is hard but is beautiful. when you start to step together instead of on your own, you'll see how much easier life can be...








Send her flowers at work for no reason at all, give her a quiet candle light dinner at home. Go to a hilltop with her and watch the sun come up together, Hold her hand when you walk through the mall, unexpected soft kisses to surprise her open her door for her to walk through....the art of romance is dying gentlemen. Lets bring it back!!!!








assumption is the beginning of ignorance. To assume in a relationship without facts to back it up means you maybe having trust issues. Since trust is the backbone of any relationship, you may need to have a serious discussion with your mate about the future.....











why so spontaneous, why so emotional, why so loving, why so aggressive, why so unorthodox, why so hurt, why so lazy, why so gifted, why so determined, why so expressive, why so intense, why so manipulative, why so lonely, why change it or leave it, this is who I am... Be yourself those that truly love you will never leave you, all others aren't worth the time.







People think that we are foolish to assume that your mate will not change. I think it would be nieve to think people can't. Everything in the universe is capable of change and adapting. I think everyone deserves a fair shot at a second chance.....3rd chances however are a different story










The truth always comes out. So when people wrong you, don't stress over it. Sit back relax and let karma run it's course. Believe me, it will run it's course!














Sometimes by over thinking a situation we over act and tend to put our foot in our mouths. If someone is actually putting forth the effort to make things right, we should embrace it, not make matters worse....I'm sorry baby, I love you.











when will we learn that you cannot always seek out love. Be still and love finds you. If you aggressively pursue love you will find something close but it won't be love. Be Still....













Its always best to be honest with your mate whether it may hurt the person or not. It gives them the choice, a fair choice at deciding whether the relationship is worth mending or not. without honesty there is no trust which means there is no foundation for success..











Fathers where are you? It's time to raise our kids. There is something missing in the family nucleus today, the father and male influence. Boys need a figure to look up to and we are dropping the ball. Lets make men out of our boys, don't let their example of what a man should be, be what they see on TV or what others tell them, this is our job, now lets do it....







Stop and think about all your problems...all of them. Once you realize that there are bigger things in this world and universe that you should be worried about, you'll see how small your problems are. Anything can happen at anytime, this world could burn up tomorrow, don't waste precious time with small things. Enjoy the gift of life today.





It is by a persons actions that the heart speaks. Not by his lips. For in action you find a mans true heart.